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We provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to deliver cost-effective, school-managed professional development.

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Our courses reflect the latest developments in both language theory and teaching practice.

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Our courses have been shown to achieve significant improvement in students’ writing across all learning and literacy areas.

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Our Courses

Teaching in English in multilingual classrooms

Our most popular option for international schools, TEMC focuses on the needs of multilingual students and how to ensure their success in learning.

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3L: Language and literacy for learning

3L improves literacy outcomes for students by putting language at the heart of an integrated, whole-school approach.

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How Language Works [online]

Develop an explicit understanding of how language works to support your students’ learning.

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Teaching young children in English in multilingual contexts

TYCEMC builds the capacity of all teachers to implement language-based strategies to support young students aged 5-8 in multilingual settings.

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  • "Hugely enjoyed. I can see already that it will have a huge impact in my practice. Extremely valuable."
    Nick Bateman, Professional Learning Lead for English Language Learning, Dulwich College, Suzhou
  • "Best PD I have ever done. This will completely change the way I teach, how I teach, what I teach and in the sequence I teach."
    Heather Schulz, EAL Teacher, Horsham West Primary School
  • "Fantastic – exactly what our school was looking for. Full of practical strategies to effectively teach language."
    Thomas Hawkey, EAL/D Teacher, Mabel Park State High School
  • “Absolutely loved the (TESMC) course. It has had a major impact on me as an EAL teacher."
    Caroline Delhommeau – EAL Specialist, Bali Island School
  • "Impressed and thoroughly appreciative. I feel overwhelmed by how much development I’ve experienced in only a single week."
    Benjamin Greuter, IGCSE ESL Coordinator, Ningbo HD Bilingual School
  • “A very valuable course which has helped me a great deal and prepared me well to help others to help their students.”
    Jacob Huckle, English Teacher and Head of EAL, Dulwich College Suzhou
  • “The (TESMC) course has been valuable as I gained more understanding of how to scaffold students and why it is important.”
    Eva Tuecking-Matzner – Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher, YK Pao School
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed how intellectually stimulating the (HLW) course was, how it made me consider my teaching and how I can improve it.”
    Lynette Lingard – EAL/D Visiting Teacher, Dakabin State High School
  • “I truly enjoyed every single day of the (TYCEMC) training. I can’t wait to go back to school and start to apply all things covered.”
    Michelangel Galea – EAL Teacher and LS Assistant, British School of Geneva
  • “The (TESMC) course provided me with much food for thought about language development.”
    Natalie Croome – Teacher Trainer, Education Development Institute, Qatar