Case Studies

Pathways to whole-school improvement through a language-based pedagogy

A consolidated 4-page executive summary condensing our research on whole-school improvement.

Developing English through an understanding of how languages work

Two case studies on how to speed up our EAL students’ learning of English and learning in English.

The impact of TEMC at the British International School Ukraine

A case study on the implementation of the TEMC course at the British International School Ukraine, where 95% of students are EAL students.

The explicit teaching of sentence structure in the classroom

A Year 6/7 teacher shares her explicit Genre-based approach to teaching functional grammar and its metalanguage, with some outstanding results.

Using Functional Grammar in English and Italian

A research project focussing on the introduction of a systemic functional linguistics (SFL) metalanguage through both English and Italian in a Year 8 class.

The power of knowledge about language

A case study focusing on the explicit use of functional grammar in a Year 12 class. The data indicated that this class performed well above what was predicted.

Research in an intensive English language school

Research evaluating the whole-school implementation of an explicit language-based pedagogy in an intensive English language school, with significant improvement in students’ results.

The explicit teaching of the Narrative genre and its results

An English teacher scaffolds her 12-year-old students in extending their understanding about how to write a ‘spooky story', with great results seen in the texts produced.

The EAL Effective Practice Interactive Guide

A series of literacy-based video case studies and resources following the successful implementation of Literacy for Learning (3L) at Hume Central Secondary College, Australia.