• "Hugely enjoyed. I can see already that it will have a huge impact in my practice. Extremely valuable."
    Nick Bateman, Professional Learning Lead for English Language Learning, Dulwich College, Suzhou
  • "Best PD I have ever done. This will completely change the way I teach, how I teach, what I teach and in the sequence I teach."
    Heather Schulz, EAL Teacher, Horsham West Primary School
  • "Fantastic – exactly what our school was looking for. Full of practical strategies to effectively teach language."
    Thomas Hawkey, EAL/D Teacher, Mabel Park State High School
  • “Absolutely loved the (TESMC) course. It has had a major impact on me as an EAL teacher."
    Caroline Delhommeau – EAL Specialist, Bali Island School
  • "Impressed and thoroughly appreciative. I feel overwhelmed by how much development I’ve experienced in only a single week."
    Benjamin Greuter, IGCSE ESL Coordinator, Ningbo HD Bilingual School
  • “A very valuable course which has helped me a great deal and prepared me well to help others to help their students.”
    Jacob Huckle, English Teacher and Head of EAL, Dulwich College Suzhou
  • “The (TESMC) course has been valuable as I gained more understanding of how to scaffold students and why it is important.”
    Eva Tuecking-Matzner – Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher, YK Pao School
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed how intellectually stimulating the (HLW) course was, how it made me consider my teaching and how I can improve it.”
    Lynette Lingard – EAL/D Visiting Teacher, Dakabin State High School
  • “I truly enjoyed every single day of the (TYCEMC) training. I can’t wait to go back to school and start to apply all things covered.”
    Michelangel Galea – EAL Teacher and LS Assistant, British School of Geneva
  • “The (TESMC) course provided me with much food for thought about language development.”
    Natalie Croome – Teacher Trainer, Education Development Institute, Qatar